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i love making things, although i don't claim to be good at it. this is a blog for face art, polymer clay, cosplay, and the like.

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made my first dice dragon! (inspired, of course, by dragonsandbeasties.) i’ll probably end up making more sooner or later…

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you know what’s fun? painting a face over your face and then making faces with it.

you know what’s fun? painting a face over your face and then making faces with it.

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pictures from philly! i was a fawn on the fourth day, but we didn’t take any pictures (although i definitely had a bunch taken of me, so fawn!abbie is out there somewhere). my favorite day was friday, when i was newt. (:

(photos taken mostly by this wonderful person; a few are by this more-or-less-decent person.)

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post-con cosplay reflections

i just got home from wizard world philly, my first-ever comic convention and my first cosplay experience. i had a very nice time, overall. i did a general con recap over at my main blog, but i’d like to blog my way through some cosplay thoughts.

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#tbh having typed out that list i'm feeling a little itchy to start on an armin costume  #3dmg would be a pain in the ass to make but would be something to be proud of  #idk idk idk etc.  #cosplay 
unquestionably the dorkiest in all of dorkdom

unquestionably the dorkiest in all of dorkdom

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done with newt’s sleeves! i’m really pretty pleased with how they turned out, all things considered (i am never ever ever again attempting to draw anything on nylons). this is probably about 10 hours of work, done over the past 2 days. two days until the con!

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ayyyyy t-minus 7 days until the convention and i’m stressing hardcore
things to ignore in these photos: the lack of makeup, the unstyled wig, the bare elbow joint and fingers, and the fact that my bionic arm doesn’t fit and i need to find some way to actually keep it from floating off my shoulder. also the towel rack.

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makeup testing for the con (it’s next week and i’m starting to panic aheh)

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so this is starting to look more or less legit

so this is starting to look more or less legit

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whitewatermark said: You going to do the full sleeve tattoos, as well?

that’s the plan! some lovely person put image files up on a public dropbox, so i’ll be printing those out on temp tattoo paper.

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i’m home alone on a rainy day, so i mocked up my post-drift newt geiszler. my actual costume pieces are either a) not bought or b) in another state, so i borrowed the shirt and tie from various family members’ closets. i’ll get around to figuring out proper stubble once i’ve got my face paints back.

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ughhhhh all my craft projects and supplies are several states away and won’t be here for at least another few days
i just wanna work on my bionic arm (ಠ^ಠ)

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got my wig! i have no idea how to wear/style this thing, but i love the color of it and i’ve got time to work with it. the boots and the gloves came in, too — the boots are gr8, the gloves significantly less so.

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forearm progress because the upper arm is still being a pain in the tush and i don’t feel like dealing with it. (the piece looks a little distorted in the picture bc it’s spread out to dry.) i put craft foam over the duct tape base and slapped a coat of mod podge on there to start sealing it. after another couple coats, i plan on using silver rub-n-buff, black acrylics, and some sort of final sealant.

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#ngl i'm pretty discouraged about the upper piece  #but this one is coming along pretty well and that gives me hope  #c: winter widow  #cosplay 

hah this took like two and a half hours and that upper arm piece is gonna need so much more work before i’m happy with the fit/shape…

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